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Indulac is pure milk, without preservatives. Its high temperature process and aseptic packaging maintain freshness and quality for months, without the need to refrigerate it. Available in four varieties; whole, reduced in fat 2% and 1% and without fat.

Lactose Free Milks

Lactose-free Indulac has been developed for people who are aware of the importance of milk for a balanced diet but are lactose intolerant. Available in three varieties; lactose-free, low-fat and fat-free.

Country White Cheese

Rich, tasty, exquisite. There are no words to describe the pleasure of tasting our White Country Cheese. Consume it with fruit for breakfast, use it in salads for your lunch, or make it fried as an appetizer. Available in 4 varieties; regular and low sodium, lactose free and low sodium lactose free.


The quality of our butter is highly recognized at an industrial level, it is currently used as a raw material for the preparation of different products in Puerto Rico and the United States. In 2017 we launched the version of stick butter with salt and later the stick butter without salt.


Ice Creams