Who Are We?

INDULAC uses 100% fresh milk from Puerto Rican farms in the elaboration of delicious and nutritious dairy products such as Long-Life Milk, White Country Cheese and Butter.

We are a private corporation, governed by a Board of Directors which is composed of five members representatives and four members of the private sector.

In February 2016, an agreement was signed between the Dairy Industry of Puerto Rico (INDULAC) and the Cooperative of Milk Producers (COOPPLE) for the Cooperative to assume control of the business management of INDULAC.

By signing this agreement for a term of 40 years, the lease and business management agreement is established with the Dairy Industry of Puerto Rico, a subsidiary of COOPPLE. This contract is backed by the Dairy Industry Development Fund – the sole shareholder of Indulac and the vast majority of milk farmers.

The Dairy Industry of Puerto Rico has the potential to contribute more to the economy by reducing imports and maximizing the effectiveness of exports of high-quality dairy products.

The Cooperativa de Agricultores is the most viable solution to achieve greater competitiveness of the sector and the increase of agricultural production.

The Dairy Industry of Puerto Rico comes to resize the activity of Indulac with a new division focused on improving yield and efficiencies in agricultural production.

COOPPLE has over 210 members. Our goal is for all to be members and to benefit. COOPPLE will be the largest, dynamic and successful agricultural cooperative in Puerto Rico.







This agreement will allow the vertical integration of agriculture and the industrialization of production so that the sector can embark on a new direction to guide the Dairy Industry towards a better future.

INDULAC will maintain the balance sheet function to meet the current and future needs of the two existing processors, while seeking to increase the capacity to produce other products derived from milk.

Our facilities
Indulac has two facilities; The processing plant in Hato Rey and the distribution warehouse in Toa Baja.

Indulac’s quality and production standards are the highest standards of any dairy processor in Puerto Rico.

These exceed those required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USDA, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Health in Puerto Rico. All the milk we process is fresh milk grade A and therefore all our products meet the requirements of grade A.

Quality assurance laboratory
In our quality assurance laboratory, specialized professionals perform chemical and bacteriological analyzes and supervise the manufacturing processes to ensure that the products comply with all the parameters established by the food authorities.


For more than 60 years, we have produced fresh products of the highest quality, making us the favorite dairy of the Puerto Rican family.


The production of white cheese for frying begins.

Production of milk powder begins and butter.

Production of long-lasting milk begins or long life.

Begins the production of cheddar cheese and mozzarella.

Begins the production of evaporated milk in aseptic packaging of long duration or long life.

Long-lasting milk is processed in its varieties (whole, 2%, 1% and skim) and butter in a 68-pound package.

Launch of long-life milks with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor.

Relaunch of White Country Cheese INDULAC.

Launch of lactose-free milks in the following varieties: Whole, Low in Fat and No Fat.

Launch of White Country Cheese of in the following varieties: White Country cheese low in sodium, White Country cheese with jalapeño, and White Country cheese low in sodium with jalapeño.

New Release 12 oz. of chocolate-flavored milks in the following varieties: whole, low fat and lactose free.

Evaporated Milk release in convenient 12 oz. container with cap.

Launching Butter with Salt.

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